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Explore the full list of features of our online food and delivery system. Online Ordering System For Takeaway, Delivery, Order Ahead & Table Reservations, all in one solution

“Easiest system I have ever used.”
Complete solution

On demand food ordering

Have you been searching for a complete online food ordering and delivery software? How about a system that also has reservations and order pick-ups?

Search no more, we've got everything covered!

We've centralized everything you'll ever need all in one software!

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build a strong online presence

Take unlimited orders from everywhere

Why not be present everywhere? That's where your customers are!

With our restaurant ordering system, you can start taking online orders within minutes, straight from your:

Facebook Page
Mobile App

Best of all, you won't be paying any commissions on your orders, so it's easy to boost your sales when you have a strong system in place.

custom zones

Be in complete control of your delivery zones

You can define your own delivery zones with different prices in as little as a minute!

With our delivery configuration tool, you can actually draw the delivery zone you want to service, add multiple zones with different rates, and adjust it along the way.

You get to control how far you want your drivers to go!

Screenshot of how the mobile application works
Easy integration

Use your own device

Download our free restaurant order taking app on your own phone or tablet & confirm orders in one tap of the screen.

When someone places an order on your website, Facebook page or your mobile app, it instantly gets pushed to your Android or iOS device.

We'll help digitally transform your business.

Get ready to have your mind blown with all the amazing features we have to offer!

Website Ordering Widget
The widget will add a "See MENU & Order" button to your website and start sending orders your way.
Orders with Facebook smart links
These links enable your customers to order straight from your Facebook business page, whilst being hooked by the active promos visible at the top of your menu.
Table Reservations Widget
The widget will add a “Table Reservations” button to your website so that customers can easily book a table in advance.
Draw your Own Delivery Areas
No matter how big or small. With our delivery configuration tool, you can simply draw the delivery zone you want to service & tweak it later on, according to your business needs.
Mobile Ordering
Our online ordering works also for mobile devices. Your customers can conveniently order from anywhere they are.
Real-time Ordering
We keep your customer engaged while you review the order and display the order confirmation in real time.
Order Ahead for Reservations
When enabled, this feature allows customers to order food in advance when making a table reservation.
Vacation Mode
Instantly put on hold one or more services (i.e., delivery or pickup), for a short amount of time, or even change your service hours on vacations, national holidays or on any other given day.
Pictures in Menu
Upload your own photos to the menu. You can also get a discount from our partner, Design Infinity for custom designs and photography!
Scheduled Orders
Allow your customers to order now and schedule a specific fulfillment time for pickup or delivery. This way, you can take orders 24/7 and make money while you sleep!
Be part of the shared FoodBooking app
Unlike delivery portals, you can share clients with other restaurants commission-free! It’s like a virtual food court where people can discover your restaurant & order instantly.
Detailed Reports
Take business decisions based on relevant data from the reporting dashboard.
Run a Promo or Coupon Deal
Set-up almost any promo logic you can think of. Now it's time to run that promo you've always wanted.
Irresistible First-time Promos
Turn those website visits into orders. Seal the deal by offering an eyeballing first-buy discount.
Use Flyers Offline to Bring Your Business Online
Successfully promote your website & drive new and existing clients to order online with our instant flyer generator. For higher quality designs, checkout our partner, Design Infinity.
Send Invitations to Order Online
Got a few clients who haven’t tried out online ordering yet? Import them right away and get them invited to order online & kickstart your restaurant’s sales.
Website Rank Checker with Actionable Tips
Use our online health tool alongside our optimization scanner to ensure your restaurant website is always optimized in Google for maximum search (a.k.a. sales) results.
Automatically Analyze Your Google Listing
Receive step-by-step recommendations on how to optimize your Google Business listing & make sure your customers can order from you online.
Third Party Integrations
Connect your Restaurant Infinity account with freemium delivery tracking software, various POSes, loyalty platforms & more.
Multi-Template Receipt Editor
Customize your restaurant receipts for your customers & chefs alike. You can even advertise your promos & secure future sales.
QR Code Menu for Dine-in Ordering
Enable your customers to order as soon as they get seated at the table, by simply scanning your very own QR code menu.
End of Day Report
Get a breakdown of your restaurant’s performance delivered to your email at the end of each day, from sales to tips, order types, and more.
Offer On-demand delivery with our integrations!
Our integration with Shipday allows for seamless integration of reliable third-party courier delivery services, ensuring that your restaurant can continue to provide delivery options, even in the absence of dedicated drivers.
On-demand delivery options provide flexibility for your customers, allowing them to place orders and receive deliveries at their convenience.
Increased Efficiency
Utilizing on-demand delivery services can streamline your delivery process and increase efficiency in your restaurant operations.
Reduced Costs
Outsourcing delivery to on-demand services can help reduce the costs associated with maintaining a dedicated delivery fleet, such as vehicle maintenance and driver salaries.
Real-time Tracking
Allows both the restaurant and the customer to monitor the delivery status of their order, resulting in enhanced transparency and customer satisfaction.